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Wireless LAN(5G) Identity Suite

SDN Policy-Based Wired and Wireless Integrated Authentication

This is an extended wired and wireless integrated authentication solution based on SDN policies.

It supports security authentication and data encryption for users and devices in both wired and wireless LAN environments, along with ID, IP, device management, and IP mobility. Optimized for SDN environments provided by global vendors such as Samsung, Arista, Cisco, it delivers stable security authentication services.

Wireless LAN(5G) Identity Configuration
Items Product Names Specifications
SDN Policy-Based Wired and Wireless Integrated Server Network(SDN) Identity
  • -  AAA Standard
  • -  RADIUS IPv6
  • -  IEEE 802.1x Standard
  • -  Support for IEEE 802.11i Standard (WPA v2/v3)
  • -  TLS v1.2 Compliance: AES256 / SHA256 / RSA2048
  • -  National Intelligence Service EAL4 Grade CC Certification
  • -  Korea Information and Communication Technology Association 1st Grade GS Certification
SDN Policy-Based IP Mobility Server Wireless LAN(5G) Identity
  • -  SDN Policy
  • -  Smart device identification, OS differentiation
  • -  DHCP server functionality
  • -  User device IP allocation fixed protection
Web Authentication Portal SW Captive Portal SW
  • -  Employee and guest user authentication pages
  • -  Block pages according to policies
  • -  Onboarding policy group assignment, usage period setting
Web Authentication Sensor InFRONT
  • -  Web-based authentication
  • -  Unauthorized device MAC address, IP detection/blocking
  • -  Automatic collection of new device MAC addresses, IPs
Wireless LAN(5G) Identity Server Spec
  • CPU: Quad-Core 3.4GHz (1CPU)
  • Memory: 16GB
  • HDD: 500GB (2EA)
  • PSU: Redundant Power supply
  • SIZE: (43mmx439mmx548mm)
SDN Policy-Based IP Mobility Authentication Architecture
  • Perfect support for Samsung SDN Controller architecture
  • Perfect compatibility with ARISTA SDN Network architecture
  • ARISTA Cloud Vision integration development support
  • CISCO Eco Partner
  • Perfect compatibility with CISCO Systems SDN Network architecture
  • CISCO DNA Center integration development support
  • Support for global vendors such as HP (Aruba), Huawei, Juniper, Extream
  • Development support according to customer requirements
IP Management and Device Management Support
  • IP Management

    - Check IP and device information in use by VLAN

  • Real-Name IP

    - DHCP allocation and real-time usage status information

    - DHCP fixed, automatic fixed, important IP protection functions

    - IP Policy function (Any, Blocking, Permit)

Support for new device registration
  • Onboarding

    - Easy user device registration

    - Automatic collection of device information (Fingerprint) support

    - OTP authentication for self-verification

  • InFRONT : Network Web Authentication Sensor

    - TCU, UDP, ARP packet blocking

    - HTTP webpage redirection