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Network(SDN) Identity

Wireless/Wireless Integrated Authentication

This solution supports security authentication and data encryption for users and
terminals in both wired and wireless LAN environments.

With the largest domestic delivery records, it has been verified for stability and technical expertise over a long period.
It performs secure authentication and security services in various wired and wireless infrastructure environments.

Network(SDN) Identity Configuration Details
Item Product Name Specifications
Wireless/Wireless Integrated Authentication Server Network(SDN) Identity
  • -  AAA Standard
  • -  RADIUS IPv6
  • -  IEEE802.1x Standard
  • -  IEEE802.11 Standard (WPAv2/v3)
  • -  TLS v1.2 Compliance AES256/SHA256/RSA2048
  • -  ByFRONT Extension (SDN Policy-Based Wireless/Wireless Integrated Authentication)
  • -  National Intelligence Service EAL4 Grade CC Certification
  • -  Korea Information and Communication Technology Association 1st Grade GS Certification
Network(SDN) Identity Server Spec
  • CPU: Quad-Core 3.4GHz (1CPU)
  • Memory: 16GB
  • HDD: 500GB (2EA)
  • PSU: Redundant Power supply
  • SIZE: (43mmx439mmx548mm)
MFA and HSM for Security Enhancement
  • ID/PWD + 2nd Authentication System
  • Security enhancement through HSM support

    - Support for database access account encryption

    - Support for database encryption key encryption

  • Account lock function in case of authentication failure exceeding the set number of times
  • User information AES encryption
SDN Policy-Based Wireless/Wireless Integrated Authentication System Expansion
  • Wired/Wireless/Smart Terminal IP Real Name System
  • Unified management of terminals such as User ID, IP, MAC, etc.
  • Access control origin based on user and terminal differentiation
  • Automatic user and terminal application
  • Agentless-based terminal identification
  • SMS additional authentication during web authentication terminal registration