Just Authenticate, We Protect It!
CEO Greetings
I am Kim Yoojin. the CEO of AirCUVE.

AirCUVE, founded in 2002, has been developing robust and secure products in the field of network authentication and security solutions. As the first generation of MFA additional authentication, SDN-based wired/wireless integration authentication, wireless LAN authentication, FIDO authentication standard development, and biometric authentication, we strive to create powerful and reliable products. To uphold our mission of "We will always make good products, even if there is no profit!" we continue to challenge ourselves in new markets without settling for the present. We hope you will watch over the future of growing AirCUVE.
Thank you.

Management Philosophy
AirCUVE Vision
  • Global IAM/MFA platform company
  • Global SDN authentication company
  • A company where the best talents gather, providing the best incentives
AirCUVE Mission
  • We will create good products.
    Even if there is no profit, we will always create good products.