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Product End of Service

The product discontinued for sale refers to AirCUVE products that are no longer available for sale, indicating the cessation of sales. The description of the end-of-service product is as follows

for Sale

No longer sold as of the date of discontinuation for sale among AirCUVE products.

of Service

No technical support services such as upgrades and patches are provided for the product as of the end-of-service date.

Product Name S/W Version Release Date
(Certification Date)
Discontinued for Sale
End of Service
AGS-NAC 4.5.x 2010.06 2012.07 2017.07
NAC-FRONT 5.x 2009.09 2014.01 2017.01
AGS-NPS 4.5.x 2008.12 2010.06 2014.06
AGS-RADIUS 4.5.x 2006.01 2008.12 2014.12

※ The schedule may change due to the discontinuation of OS and DB technical support services.