Just Authenticate, We Protect It!
Identity Access Management(IAM)
OKTA Cloud Integrated Identity Platform Services

OKTA is a globally leading company in Identity Platform Services, providing robust identity security against issues such as mismanagement of IDs, authentication/authorization problems, malicious attacks using APIs, and various other threats. It offers seamless account management through pre-integrated applications, bringing about both the centralization of account management and operational convenience.

Modern Enterprise Identity Provider
  • Secure access to various internal and external applications
  • Unified account and permission management through Okta Identity Services
  • Industry-leading and in-depth integration capabilities with over 7,000 integration configurations
  • Secure adoption and automation of all technologies from cloud to on-premise
OKTA's Zero Trust Identity
OKTA Identity Platform
Employee and Partner
Enhancement of system security and accessibility
Strategic Objectives
  • 1.Transition to the cloud
  • 2.Improvement of IT accessibility
  • 3.Prevention of data leakage
  • 4.Adoption of a zero-trust security model
  • 5.Internal integration due to M&A
  • Employee and partner single sign-on(SSO)
  • Acceleration of cloud adoption
  • Establishment of enterprise-wide MFA
  • Automation of internal system access registration
  • Password reset self-service
  • Introduction of Office 365
Product Lines
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Universal Directory
  • Adaptive MFA
  • Lifecycle Management
  • API Access Management
  • Advanced Server Access
  • Access Gateway

Provides robust security and convenient access features for account management solutions for employees and partners within the enterprise.

Digital Service B2C Customer Enhancement of security and user experience
Strategic Objectives
  • 1.Always engage customers
  • 2.Modernize infrastructure
  • 3.Build user trust
  • 4.Digital platform transformation
  • Integration between applications
  • Enterprise identity integration
  • Highly scalable app development
  • Prevention of account hijacking
  • API security
Product Lines
  • Authentication
  • Authorization Management
  • User Management
  • Adaptive MFA
  • Lifecycle Management
  • B2B Integration/
  • Access Gateway

Provides security for customer accounts and a convenient user experience for B2C businesses offering digital services.

Okta Identity Key Features

Access to all applications from one place

  • Sing Sign-on: Automatic login with a click on the app
  • APP customization: Tailor settings to your workflow style
  • Okta Browser Plugin: Faster access to applications
Strong security and excellent user experience
  • Okta Verify: Powerful MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) using mobile devices
  • Passwordless: Authentication using Apple Touch ID, Windows Hello
  • Robust and flexible policy settings: Real-time policy and context tool configuration
Unified management of all users, groups, and devices
  • Ensuring uniform user information across all internal directories and applications
  • Cost savings and minimization of AD dependency through AD/LDAP management
  • Comprehensive management of user lifecycles, including onboarding, movement, and offboarding
  • Productivity improvement through automated onboarding and offboarding processes
  • Enhanced security by granting or revoking appropriate permissions based on user status
  • Centralized audit preparedness through access control consolidation
Convenient self-service options
  • Users can perform basic tasks such as MFA registration, profile configuration, and password reset without IT assistance.