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Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA)
Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA)
Additional Authentication for Multi-Factor Authentication
This is an RADIUS-based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution that strengthens user authentication by providing additional authentication methods such as knowledge-based authentication, biometric-based authentication, and more.

It possesses the largest number of authentication methods domestically
and fully supports OTP environments based on both B2B and B2C.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Configuration
Items Product Names Specifications
Multi-Factor Additional Authentication Server Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • -  Simultaneous execution of additional authentication
  • -  RADIUS Protocol, FIDO2
  • -  System Integration API
  • -  2Factor Authentication (VPN, VDI, network equipment, server synchronization)
  • -  M-OTP PUSH, QR authentication, YubiKey, fingerprint OTP, facial recognition, etc.
User Management Portal Server User Portal
  • -  Automatic process for user terminal registration
  • -  Support for authentication method changes, terminal changes, and user requests
  • -  Web Authentication Page Support
FIDO-based Authentication and Security System

RADIUS standard support

FIDO Alliance Members

  • RADIUS Protocol, OAuth 2.0
  • FIDO UAF, FIDO2 (server, client)
  • VPN, VDI, server access control, web server, network equipment, Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX, etc., 2FA support
  • Integrated audit logs (account management, OTP issuance and history, authentication methods, authentication success, failure reasons, etc.)
  • TTA Software Quality Grade 1 GS Certification
Efficient User Management System

Auth Portal

User Portal

  • Web-based management interface
  • Automatic process for user terminal registration
  • Smart terminal (Mobile) Provisioning
  • Registration and modification of additional authentication methods for each user
  • Authentication method self-register function
  • Minimization of administrator intervention and efficient management
Logical Security Services, Support for Enhanced Authentication in All Areas
Support for the Largest/Most Numerous Authentication Methods in the Country