Just Authenticate, We Protect It!
AirCUVE Inc. (Certificate Server Division)

AirCUVE, a specialized developer of authentication and security solutions, has obtained EAL4-grade CC certification and GS certification. The company holds numerous patents in the fields of wired and wireless authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

  • End-to-End Non-interference Access Control and Quarantine-based Network Construction Method
  • Wired and Wireless Network Quarantine and Policy-based Access Control Method
  • Remote Terminal Management Method Using SIP
  • Multi-Factor Authentication System
  • Wireless Network Security Device and Method
  • Location-based Security Implementation Method
  • Authentication Detail Log
  • Terminal Control Method Using DNS Protocol
  • Method for Determining Access Permission to a Gate Using the Network, Record Media Readable by Authorized Terminals and Computers
  • Biometric Information-based Security System and Its Operation Method Using Physical and Logical Security
  • V-FRONT v7: GS Certificate
    (Grade 1)
  • AirFRONT v5: GS Certificate
    (Grade 1)
  • Management Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
  • Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
  • Corporate-affiliated Research Institute Certificate
  • AirFRONT V7 GS Certificate
  • AirFRONT V7 CC Certificate
  • AirCUVE Mobile FIDO
  • AirCUVE FIDO2 Server
  • KS Q ISO 9001:2015